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Intelligent Transport Systems

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We adopt a number of technological solutions for the purpose of traffic management.
  • The GLIDE system is an example of a computerised traffic light signalling system which coordinates signals and adjusts the green time accordingly.
  • The J-Eyes is another traffic monitoring system installed at major signalised traffic junctions. These cameras alert operators at the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) control centre of any congestion or disruption to the traffic flow so that action can be taken quickly.
  • The Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System (EMAS) – an incident management system – has also been put in place to monitor and manage traffic along the expressways. It provides early detection of traffic problems, quick recovery service for motorists in distress, and also alerts motorists to abnormal or dangerous traffic conditions ahead.
As the way forward, we would continue to develop and harness ITS technologies to solve transport problems. Future developments could include improved traveller information systems. Such systems will provide reliable real-time traffic information to drivers, or accurate bus arrival information to commuters.