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International Maritime Centre

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To be a leading International Maritime Centre, our goal is to develop a comprehensive range of maritime ancillary services to provide one-stop service for all port, shipping and maritime activities. We are constantly looking to develop high value-add and knowledge-based services in areas such as ship management, ship financing, marine insurance, ship broking, maritime legal services, and maritime and offshore engineering. 

  We have launched incentive schemes such as the Maritime Sector Incentive scheme to attract shipping companies and ancillary maritime service providers to reside in Singapore. There are currently over 5000 maritime companies in Singapore, including more than 120 international shipping companies that form an important anchor for our International Maritime Centre. Today, the Singapore maritime sector employs over 170,000 people in a wide range of maritime careers. To drive future growth of the maritime industry, we continue to work in partnership with the private sector to build a steady pipeline of maritime talent. Our efforts include raising awareness of the maritime industry such as through a dedicated career portal – Singapore Maritime Careers – and developing a whole range of education and training opportunities including scholarships and attachment programmes. We also provide grants for manpower training and to support maritime companies in their manpower development initiatives.  

We also place great emphasis in R&D which helps to expand knowledge and capability in our maritime sector. A $100 million Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund was established to co-fund the development of maritime R&D initiatives. Local as well as overseas Maritime R&D MOUs have also been signed with various research institutions for collaborative projects. We have also launched the Singapore Maritime Institute to work with our Institutes of Higher Learning and the industry to advance maritime training and R&D in Singapore.