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In order to meet increasing travel demand in future within our land constraints, a higher proportion of our travel needs will have to be met by public transport. To achieve this, it is vital to make public transport a choice mode of transport for Singaporeans.

In 2008, the public transport mode share was 59 per cent during morning peak hours (based on HITS 2008). Under the Land Transport Masterplan (LTMP), we aim to increase this to 70 per cent by 2020. To achieve this, we are transforming our public transport system to make it more attractive to Singaporeans and a viable alternative to the car. In particular, we aim to overcome the concerns about long waiting times, long journey times and overcrowding by strengthening the integration of our public transport system.

Our buses and rail network must be well-integrated as a unified system. Commuters should be able to enjoy:
  • Seamless and convenient transfers
  • Easily accessible services
  • Reliable and comfortable travel journey
  • Competitive journey time relative to cars
  • Affordable fares

We endeavor to make our public transport system attractive not just to existing users, but also people who have access to cars so that they will embrace the bus or train as “my other car”.

By 2020, we aim for at least 85 per cent of public transport commuters to complete their journey within 60 minutes during the morning peak hours, from the time they set out on their journey to their destination (i.e. “door-to-door” journey time), up from 66 per cent. Average public transport journey times would be reduced from 1.8 times of that by car to 1.5 times by 2020.